Dates and Deadlines

>German Graduate School of Management & Law gGmbH Heilbronn, state-approved universityWS 2017/2018
>Application deadlines, subject-related admissions procedure (not including ZVS procedure) with admission restrictions
>Application Deadline Aptitude TestOnce the application documents have been reviewed, applicants will be invited to a one-day Admission Day with individual and group exercises or a personal interview (depending on the degree course). The result obtained will determine whether or not they are admitted to the course. You will, of course, receive individual feedback at the end of the process.
>Anmeldefrist für zulassungsfreie Studiengänge
Application deadline: LLM at least 6 weeks before the course commences
MBA and MSc: at least 8 weeks before the course commences
>Application deadlines for EU-members
>Application deadlines for non-EU-members
>Registration Deadline Re-Registration
>Registration Deadline First-year Students
>Registration Deadline Students from Other HEIs
>Lecture Period begins / ends
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