Dates and Deadlines

>Saarland University of Applied Sciences, University of Technology and EconomicsSS 2018
>Application deadlines, subject-related admissions procedure (not including ZVS procedure) with admission restrictions15.01.2018
For the Deutsch-Französisches Hochschulinstitut (German-French Institute of Higher Education), 31 May (Bachelor's) and 15 January or June (Master's). For the Institut für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung (IWW) (Institute of Academic Continuing Education) usually 31 January or June, Tel. +49 (0) 681/5867-137, e-mail:
>Application Deadline Aptitude TestPlease enquire at the registrar's office: Tel. +49 (0) 681/58 67-115, e-mail\;
for courses at the German-French Institute (DFHI/ISFATES): Tel. +49 (0) 681/5867-294/295, e-mail\;
for the IWW (Institute of Academic Continuing Education): Tel. +49 (0) 681/5867-137, e-mail
>Anmeldefrist für zulassungsfreie Studiengänge
No subjects without admissions restrictions
>Application deadlines for EU-members15.01.2018
enquire at the university
>Application deadlines for non-EU-members15.01.2018
enquire at the university
>Registration Deadline Re-Registration
>Registration Deadline First-year Students
Enrolment in summer semester only for Master's degree courses Civil Engineering, Mechatronics/Sensor Technology and Industrial Engineering\; enquire at institution of higher education
>Registration Deadline Students from Other HEIs
In accordance with the letter of acceptance
>Lecture Period begins / ends09.04.2018-20.07.2018

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