Dates and Deadlines

>Lübeck UniversitySS 2018
>Application deadlines, subject-related admissions procedure (not including ZVS procedure) with admission restrictions01.11.2017-15.01.2018
Med. Engineering Science (Ba + Ma), Medicine, Mol. Life Science (Ba + Ma), Physical Therapy (Ba), Psychology (Ba + Ma), Media Informatics (Ma), Med. Nutritional Sciences (Ba), Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies (Ma), Infection Biology (Ma), Computer Science (Ma), MML (Ma)
>Application Deadline Aptitude TestSelection interviews for medicine 15/16 August 2016
>Anmeldefrist für zulassungsfreie Studiengänge01.11.2017-15.03.2018
Computer Science (Ba), MML (Ba), Media Informatics (Ba), Med. Informatics (Ba), Nursing Care, Biophysics (Ba), IT Security (Ba), Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Ba), Occupational Therapy (Ba), Speech Therapy (Ba), Midwifery (Ba), second subject Teaching Mathematics (Ba + Ma), Audiology and Audiological Technology (Ma)
>Application deadlines for EU-members01.11.2017-15.01.2018
>Application deadlines for non-EU-members01.11.2017-15.01.2018
>Registration Deadline Re-Registration01.01.2018-14.01.2018
By post in accordance with the letter of acceptance
>Registration Deadline First-year Students
Enrolment by post
>Registration Deadline Students from Other HEIs
By post in accordance with the letter of acceptance
>Lecture Period begins / ends09.04.2018-27.07.2018

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