Dates and Deadlines

>Leipzig (University of Applied Sciences) Institute of TelecommunicationsWS 2017/2018
>Application deadlines, subject-related admissions procedure (not including ZVS procedure) with admission restrictions01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Application Deadline Aptitude TestPlease contact our service line: 0341 30 62 123
>Anmeldefrist für zulassungsfreie Studiengänge01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Application deadlines for EU-members01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Application deadlines for non-EU-members01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Registration Deadline Re-Registration01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Registration Deadline First-year Students01.04.2017-15.07.2017
Commencement of studies in winter semester only.
>Registration Deadline Students from Other HEIs01.04.2017-15.07.2017
>Lecture Period begins / ends01.09.2017-28.02.2018
Without examination period.

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